About us

For the past 50 years, Maxi has been pursuing its single most important goal of manufacturing chicken products boasting superior quality. Safety and quality lie at the heart of Maxi’s manufacturing operations and form the basis of the company’s stellar reputation. The manufacturing procedures in place are implemented as to ensure that all products distributed deliver on taste and are healthier than similar products on the market.

Being a pioneer and innovative requires being on top of market trends and fostering a global mindset. Here at Maxi, offering unique products that meet the various needs, uses and expectations of consumers is the hallmark of our operations.

Our success is a result of dedicated employees who work together as a team, collaborate to come up with new ideas and solutions that allow Maxi to consistently improve, and of course, still find time to have fun!

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Over 50 years
of experience


A state-of-the-art

Distribution throughout
North America

Healthy products

Our desire to offer top quality products for the entire family is what drives us to exceed industry standards. We want to offer consumers products that feature unmatched taste, look and nutritional value. We’re committed to making products that our consumers will consider freezer staples.

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Maxi builds on over 50 years of experience, know-how and high-quality manufacturing methods that exceed the highest industry standards and result in the production of high-quality, fully-cooked frozen chicken products.