Meal ideas

Meal times can get pretty complicated with kids these days. Let's face it, parents know if it doesn't taste good, it won't get eaten. Well help is on the way with Yummy Dino Buddies®, dinosaur-shaped chicken breast nuggets.

Serve one portion of Yummy Dino Buddies® with ½ cup of fresh veggies, like baby carrots, celery, sweet peppers or cucumbers, a glass of milk and an oatmeal cookie. Your kids will get a balanced and nutritious meal.

Fun is on the way with « Dino-Kabob »

dino-kabob-baton_4.jpg Let your kids prepare their own meal by having some Yummy Dino Buddies® on a stick with their favorite veggies like red cherry tomatoes, yellow or orange sweet peppers. Easy to prepare and fun to eat.

Fast, convenient and healthy

Take your favorite salad and add some punch with pieces of Yummy All Natural* Chicken Breast Nuggets. Just cut 1 portion of Yummy All Natural* Chicken Breast Nuggets into bite sized pieces with some fresh veggies like tomatoes, cucumbers, grated carrots and sweet peppers.

For more variety, add a few whole grain croutons, toasted slivered almonds and cubes of low-fat cheese or enriched tofu for a good source of calcium.