Are your products allergens free?

Maxi products contain wheat, soy and gluten. We do not use milk, eggs, peanuts, nuts, tree nuts, mustard, fish or seafood based ingredients in our formulations, nor do we store any of these in our plant facility.

Freezer Burn

The product I bought looks dried out and has a bland taste. What happened?

The product may have been damaged by freezer burn. This state occurs when the product is not stored under consistent temperatures (0°F/-18°C). Condensation may forms inside the bag and then when the product is refrozen, ice forms on the product. Freezer burn may be affecting the product's freshness. Please note the product is still edible even if it's been damaged by freezer burn.

Expiration date

Where do I find the expiration date of your products?

Look for a white rectangular box showing BEST IF USED BY MM/DD/YY on the side panels or at the back of the packaging.

Thawed product

The product I bought thawed because it was stored in the refrigerator instead of the freezer. Is it safe to eat?

It is not recommended, but if the original bag has not been opened, the product is safe to eat within two days.

Is it safe to re-freeze a product once thawed?

We do not recommend it. Refreezing the product will produce ice crystals, and will then reduce the quality and the taste of the product. For further information feel free to contact us.


Is the chicken used in your products fed with hormones, steroids or antibiotics?

No. Maxi´s chicken suppliers do not use antibiotics for growth promotion in their chickens, nor do they use any antibiotics continuously for any reasons. Furthermore, they do not feed or use hormones or steroids of any kind. The use of antibiotics in chickens is limited to the rare instances in which it is medically appropriate for the humane treatment of ill or at risk birds. Be aware that US regulations prohibit use of hormones for chicken growth.

What is Natural Flavoring?

Spices, spice extractives and essential oils are examples of ingredients that may be used as natural flavoring. In case of an allergic reaction, please contact us for further information.

Coupons / Rebates

Where can we get coupons or rebates for your products?

Maxi does not run any couponing program. We suggest that you look into your local papers for any upcoming promotions or sales at your favorite retailer.

What is there to know about SQF?

SQF 2000 Evaluation Points

  • Personnel practices
  • Personnel processing practices
  • Personnel training
  • Calibration of equipment
  • Management of pest and vermin
  • Premises and equipment maintenance
  • Cleaning and sanitation
  • Microbiology and quality water monitoring
  • Control of physical contaminations
  • Supplier approval
  • Transport and delivery
  • Waste management and disposal
  • Allergen control

What kind of meat do you use to make your products?

Yummy products are made with boneless skinless white chicken breast meat only.

What is rib meat?

Rib meat is deboned chicken meat taken close to the chicken's rib. It is white chicken meat only. No pork, no beef or any other kind of meat.

Are your products Kosher or Halal certified?