Choice maker

Need help to make an informed choice about what to eat? Let’s compare the nutritional profile of your favorite Yummy products -vs- the most common popular foods. Make a healthier choice for a healthier life!

Yummy All Natural Dino Buddies

5 pieces (83g)
Calories: 180 
Fat: 10g 
Sodium: 360mg

Yummy All Natural Patties

1 piece (79g)
Calories: 170
Fat: 8g 
Sodium: 340mg

Yummy All Natural Nuggets

4 pieces (84g)
Calories: 150 
Fat: 6g 
Sodium: 380mg

Yummy Chicken Wheels

3 pieces (83g)
Calories: 180 
Fat: 9g 
Sodium: 320mg

Yummy Dino Buddies

4 pieces (76g)
Calories: 170 
Fat: 9g 
Sodium: 360mg

Corn Dog

Calories: 460 
Fat: 19g 
Sodium: 973mg

Taco Salad

Ground beef, cheese taco shell
Calories: 279 
Fat: 15g 
Sodium: 762mg

Fried Chicken

Thigh - drumstick
Calories: 431 
Fat: 25g 
Sodium: 402mg

Macaroni and cheese

1 cup
Calories: 200 
Fat: 6g 
Sodium: 1000mg


Calories: 512 
Fat: 27g 
Sodium: 824mg